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VIAS AutoProcessor

The Automated Processor (or AutoProcessor) is a tool for agencies that process large numbers of traffic data files.  It uses the same analysis engine as the VIAS program.  But to use VIAS, you must do all the processing steps yourself for each file.  With the AutoProcessor, how the files should be processed and the format of the results is set up in advance.  Then the program does the rest of the work.

Because every agency is different, we designed the AutoProcessor to be very flexible.  There are options for everything from where files are saved, to how different kinds of tube layouts should be processed, to the exact form of the output.  Export modules are used to save the results.  If we don’t already have the output format you need, we can work with you to create a custom module.  Contact us or see the Study Exports pages for more information.

Tests can be set up to make sure every file has the information it needs and that analysis results meet basic requirements.  Any file that does not pass a validation test will be set aside.  Then you can use processing logs and VIAS to review or process those files individually.

The AutoProcessor requires a site license that is purchased separately from VIAS.  Contact TimeMark Sales for pricing.

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