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Gamma NT

An economical yet flexible data collection unit

This compact two-tube counter is our most popular unit.  It is ideal for simple axle counts and gap studies, but it can record classification, speed, and vehicle volume data for one or two lanes of traffic as well.

One-Button Operation

Recording a file is easy—set up the tubes, turn the counter on, and press the Start button three times.  When the OK light stops blinking and stays on, it’s recording.  Sensor lights let you make sure that strikes are being recorded on both tubes before you close and lock the lid.  All the lights turn off after several minutes to save battery power.  Press the Start button once to wake them up again.

Lightweight but Tough

Even with a battery, a Gamma NT weighs less than 5 lbs. (2.5 kg).  The aluminum sheet metal case protects the counter from both sun and rain.

Record Long Studies

Because of its energy-saving features, a Gamma NT with a fully charged battery can record data continuously for over a month.  Even with the minimum 8 MB of memory, it has enough room to store time stamped axle strikes from at least 800,000 vehicles.

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