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Delta NT

Record detailed vehicle studies in
heavy traffic, simple axle volumes, or anything in between

This is our most versatile data collector.  Four sensor inputs support all of our road tube layouts.  That includes a four-tube configuration that can separate and classify vehicles in adjacent lanes at high volume locations.  And it’s all inside a durable sheet metal case that won’t weigh you down.

Get Started with Confidence

When you turn the counter on, the LCD screen displays the battery voltage and the date and time on the counter clock.  If everything looks right, just press the Start button twice to start recording.  A message on the screen will confirm it has started.  The counter can also be configured to remind you to attach your GPS device if the site coordinates have not been entered yet.

Save the Layout on the Spot

It isn’t necessary to program the Delta NT before a study.  Details about the site and how the data was recorded can be entered from your field notes later using the VIASsoftware.  But it is also very easy to tell the counter how the tubes have been laid out so that can be saved with the file.  Before starting the counter, switch to LED mode and use the Select button to choose the diagram that matches your tube layout.  Sensor spacing measurements must still be entered later.

Easily Monitor Study Progress

During a long study, it’s a good idea to visit the site periodically to make sure everything is still in place and working.  LED lights let you quickly see whether every sensor is still recording hits.  The LCD screen shows even more information.  You can check the battery voltage or see how many strikes have been recorded by each sensor.  Strike totals for the first 24 hours only and the entire study are displayed.

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