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NT Counters

Versatile, easy-to-use portable traffic counters

The NT series is TimeMark’s latest generation of time stamped event recorders.  We have different models to fit a variety of needs.  They all share some important features designed to make your job easier—

No Programming Required

Time stamped event data means the counter doesn’t have to know how the tubes are laid out or what kind of study you are collecting data for.  That’s all handled by ourVIAS program.  Just start the counter and begin recording.  If necessary, some information can be entered into the counter before a study with TimeMark software and a computer or mobile device.

Save GPS Coordinates at the Site

If you plug a GPS device into the 9-pin serial port, the counter will automatically read the current location from the unit.  The coordinates are saved in the file that is being recorded or the next one that starts.

Collect Data with a USB Memory Stick

There’s no need to bring your counters back to the shop or office just to download files.  With a USB flash drive, the counter can be recording the next study while you take the data in to be processed.  Simply plug in your memory stick and then turn the counter on.  Only the files that haven’t already been uploaded will be copied onto the stick.


Gap studies are often used to decide if a traffic control device is needed at a location.  Is there enough time for a pedestrian or car to cross the road and how often will they get the chance?  To see how long the gaps are, use a Vehicle Gap or Axle Gap binned study.  For a traffic warrant analysis, the Axle Gap Count study counts gaps using the “adequate size” you specify.

Self-Managing Memory

Standard NT counters have 8 MB of file storage memory.  That’s enough to store the data from over half a million vehicles.  And you never need to worry how much of it is left before starting a study.  If a counter needs more space while it is recording, it will automatically delete the oldest file to make room.

Backed by TimeMark (for Free!)

All new TimeMark counters come with a 3-year limited warranty and free technical support.

Gang Charger

Recharge batteries in up to 6 counters at the same time

If you have many counters, a gang charger can save you space and hassle.  Six independent charging ports let you plug in and remove different counters when it’s most convenient for you.  LED lights let you know when each battery is ready.  The charger itself only takes up one three-pronged 120V outlet.

Works With Any Rechargeable TimeMark Counter Model or Battery

Save time by leaving the battery in the counter while it’s recharging.  The cables included with the gang charger plug into any TimeMark counter with a battery charging port.  Charging cables that connect directly to a battery can also be purchased.  Custom cables for other brands of counters are available upon request.

Protects Your Equipment

A microprocessor in the gang charger protects your batteries from damage.  When a battery is fully charged, the port will switch to a “float” mode to prevent overcharging.  It can also detect when the leads on a battery are backwards and will sound the reverse polarity alarm.

Comes With TimeMark’s 3-Year Warranty and Free Technical Support

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