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File Joiner

Once a counter is started, it records data until it is turned off.  Each recording session becomes one file which is then analyzed with VIAS.

Counters sometimes get turned off briefly in the middle of a study.  It might have been on purpose (to download the data so far onto a memory stick) or accidentally (to turn the lights back on after they have gone to sleep instead of holding down the Start button).  Whatever the reason, this splits the data into two files.  For a road tube counter, that means two separate reports.

Our File Joiner tool puts files like this back together.  After selecting one file, the program lists any other files it can be joined with (recorded by the same counter with the same settings and less than 15 minutes missing between the two).  Pick the second file to put all the data into one new file.

This utility was first added to version 2.5 of the VIAS Suite.  It can be installed with VIAS, but it is licensed separately.  Contact TimeMark Sales for more information about purchasing a license to unlock the program.

Note:  This utility only works with time stamped event data.  It cannot be used with older data formats such as speed radar or axle volumes from Beta counters.  Reports that combine two or more manual turning movement files are built into VIAS.

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