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Choose Your Options

We have the hardware and software for all kinds of traffic analysis needs.  Whether you are a large state agency or a small independent consultant, we’ll help find the right mix for you.


Our road tube counters come in twoand four-tube models.  They can record data unattended for one day or one month.  We also have a manual count board designed especially for tracking vehicle turns through an intersection.  And you don’t need to juggle multiple software packages because the VIAS program works with them all.

File Transfer

There are several ways to get data from your counters to your computer.  One is to connect the counter directly to your computer.  Then use VIAS to upload just the files you want.  But if you want to keep the counter in the field for another study, our NT counters can copy files to a USB memory stick.  We also have a basic counter management utility that can upload files onto a Windows laptop or tablet.

Data Analysis

Every type of study has its own settings that can be customized.  If you regularly use different parameters depending on the situation, you can save your own groups of settings.  For example, there is an analysis parameter set optimized for slow vehicles and another for freeway traffic.  The appropriate set can be quickly selected for each new study.  On the other hand, if you process a lot of files the same way, the VIAS Automated Processor can be set up to load, analyze, and save results for you.

Formatting the Results

Quality data recording and advanced analysis aren’t enough.  You also need the results in a form you can use.  The Export feature creates files that are typically used by another program like a spreadsheet.  Reports can be printed or saved as a PDF file.  You can add your own page header or watermark to any of the dozens of reports that are available.  But if you can’t find the format you need, let us know.  We can create a custom export or report add-on module just for you.

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