VIAS 2.6.6367 Update Released

This version contains several small updates and a few new features.


  • New tools in the Reports view toolbar: ┬áThumbnails, Scale, Magnifier, and Background Color


  • Troubleshooting manual updates
  • Updated third-party components
  • Removed sample data files from installation (available separately)


  • More thorough handling of files that are no longer available after being opened (e.g., network disconnected or flash drive removed)
  • Waits longer for counters that are slow to respond (due to connection speed or other programs that are running at the same time)
  • Do not have to restart the program if no COM ports are found the first time you try to connect to a counter
  • Fix for installer hang on some systems when the program was started by a different user than the one who installed it
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