System Overview

The TimeMark System

TimeMark pioneered the time-tagged event method of recording traffic data in 1992.  It allows us to keep our counters simple and efficient while continually delivering new features and improvements through our powerful yet flexible VIAS analysis and reporting software.

The Hardware

Our counters don’t have to be programmed before a study.  Just use the Start button to begin recording data.  They can run for weeks on a charge because they only need enough power to save the time and sensor identifier of each event (tube strike or button press).  The processing power comes from your computer later.  When you’ve collected enough data, just turn the counter off.



The Software

Letting a computer do all the calculations after collection is the key to our system.  With the right sensor layout, you’ll only need to record once to get all the reports you need.  The same file can be analyzed for volume, speed, classification and gap information.  You won’t be stuck with only speed data if someone asks for vehicle classification, too.  Adjustable analysis parameters help you get the most from your data.  Then customize your reports with page headers and watermarks.

And don’t worry about being left behind.  There is no need to send in counters or update firmware to take advantage of new features.  That’s handled by VIAS, which can be updated as easily as any other program.  Our oldest counters can be used with the latest version of the software.