Streeter 241/Peek Exports

The Streeter (Peek) 241 was a traffic counter that saved data in ASCII text files.  That model was discontinued many years ago.  However, there are still several programs that recognize that file format as input.

Types of Exports Volume, Speed, Classification, and Speed vs. Class
Must Buy a License? Yes
Ready for AutoProcessor? No

Streeter files are often called “PRN” files because the file name usually ends with a “.prn” extension.  However, although they are very similar, not all PRN files are the same.  For example, a custom “Streeter” export was needed for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) because their program expected something that was slightly different from our generic format.  Hawaii DOT’s TMS program requires yet another version.

If you have a particular program that reads “PRN files,” just let us know.  We can send you our technical specifications or export a sample file to test with your system.