Study Exports

Exports can be used to get results from VIAS into a file that can be used by another program. For example, the export formats that come with VIAS save tables from the Studies view to a text file that can be read into a spreadsheet. The AutoProcessor uses exports exclusively (instead of reports) for saving the study results for each file.

Several export modules have already been developed. All of them are ready to plug into VIAS. Some will work as soon as you install them while others require a site license:

Free to Use License Required
VIAS Defaults* FHWA (TMAS)
TAS2* Streeter 241/Peek

*Works as-is with the AutoProcessor

If you need your data in some other format, custom modules can be built according to your specifications. The time and cost to create a custom export will depend on the module. Contact TimeMark Sales to find out more.