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VIAS 1.3.5 Registration Discontinued
01 Jan, 2018
Please contact Sales to upgrade to VIAS 2.
New Online Store
02 Nov, 2017
TimeMark's online store has undergone a major upgrade. There are several new features, including: Credit card entry online (no follow-up call required) Sales tax is included, so you'll know your final total before you submit your order A new design that adapts to any screen size, from...
VIAS 2.6.6367 Update Released
15 Jun, 2017
This version contains several small updates and a few new features. Added New tools in the Reports view toolbar: Thumbnails, Scale, Magnifier, and Background Color Changed Troubleshooting manual updates Updated third-party components Removed sample data files from installation...
New VIAS 1.3.5 Registrations End Dec. 31, 2017
31 May, 2017
VIAS 1.0 was first released in 2005 for Windows XP. The last update, version 1.3.5, was issued in September 2010. Because VIAS 1 only works on 32-bit operating systems, active support and downloads were discontinued at the end of 2014. Users that had saved a copy of 1.3.5 could continue to install...
VIAS 2.6.6250 Update Released
14 Feb, 2017
A minor update to add new items: A new Road Tube Study Reports manual has been added to the Reference Library (under Help in VIAS). It explains the different reports that are built into VIAS. An add-on module that exports Per Vehicle studies in the Transmetric GEOCOUNTS format is now...
VIAS 2.6 Update Released
22 Dec, 2016
The program has been recompiled to take advantage of newer operating system features. As a result, Windows XP is no longer supported. This version also includes: New Registrations may be submitted online (if an Internet connection is detected) A completed registration request form may be...
VIAS 2.5.5765 Update Released
22 Oct, 2015
This minor patch includes updated manuals and help menu links. Also, opening the Counter view for an NT counter now lists all files by default (not just those that haven't been marked as "Downloaded" yet).
Welcome to Our New Support Site!
14 Sep, 2015
As part of our commitment to customer service, we have updated the customer support area of our web site. Besides having a cleaner and more consistent look, it is more stable, has better security, and gives us options for supporting you more efficiently. Customers can get access to the most...
VIAS 2.5.5620 Update Released
11 Jun, 2015
Gamma NT and Delta NT manuals updated, minor improvements and fixes
VIAS 1.x End-of-Life
02 Jan, 2015
VIAS 1.x is no longer available for download. You may continue to use it if it is already installed, but program-specific e-mail and telephone support ended on December 31, 2014. Self-help materials are still available if you sign in to Support. Our current software product is VIAS 2. Please...

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