Gang Charger

Recharge batteries in up to 6 counters at the same time


If you have many counters, a gang charger can save you space and hassle.  Six independent charging ports let you plug in and remove different counters when it’s most convenient for you.  LED lights let you know when each battery is ready.  The charger itself only takes up one three-pronged 120V outlet.

Works With Any Rechargeable TimeMark Counter Model or Battery
Save time by leaving the battery in the counter while it’s recharging.  The cables included with the gang charger plug into any TimeMark counter with a battery charging port.  Charging cables that connect directly to a battery can also be purchased.  Custom cables for other brands of counters are available upon request.

Protects Your Equipment
A microprocessor in the gang charger protects your batteries from damage.  When a battery is fully charged, the port will switch to a “float” mode to prevent overcharging.  It can also detect when the leads on a battery are backwards and will sound the reverse polarity alarm.

Comes With TimeMark’s 3-Year Warranty and Free Technical Support

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